Writer, Novelist, or Author? Which is correct?



Everyone seems to like to label other people. We label ourselves as well. When you write books, what do you label yourself?

That is the big question. Some see themselves as a writer until they are published then they consider themselves an author. Others jump right in and say they are an author right from the start. Or perhaps a novelist? Does it matter what label is used? The process is the same…

You sit day in and day out and create characters, worlds, settings and plots. You hope someone will love the things you create in your mind and put down on paper {so to speak}. Your main desire is for someone, anyone to read what you write.

In today’s fast-paced world, there are options to being published, traditionally through a publishing house, or you can self-publish.

New authors struggle to have their work read by the general public. Word of mouth only goes so far. Social media is helping with this. If you are lucky, you find a writing group that offers not only support for you but a way for you to reach out to readers you may not have otherwise found.

There is such a group called Ninja Writers on Facebook. This group is running an e-book giveaway featuring 40+ e-books for you to download for free. These are all new authors who have donated their books for you to read and enjoy.

Check out the books, download whatever interests you and find a new author you may not have discovered before. All you have to do is click on the link below. No strings attached. Promise.

Ninja Writers Book Giveaway!