The tale of a flighty muse

Let me introduce you to my muses.

One of them, I keep locked in a cage, for the most part, though she occasional escapes. She is referred to as my ‘evil’ muse. I have very little control over her. Okay, no control. When she comes out to play, I am not responsible for anything she creates. She was born during my fanfiction days. She is responsible for pairings that were very non-canon in the HP universe. Her idea of fun is to take two people who should not be together, and put them together.

Anyone familiar with the HP world will understand if I tell you she is responsible for creating stories which paired, Lily/Remus, Sirius/Remus, and Hermione/Sirius {post Hogwarts}. She is truly evil. Luckily, she seems to be happy to only play in the fanfiction world.

My main muse, she is the flighty one. She is also stubborn and prone to fly off and leave me hanging without anything to write. Here is what she has put me through over the past couple weeks…

Nano story: We had built a world, created everything for it, from setting to characters. Everything we needed to know for the backstory and things that would probably never be used in the book, but we knew anyway. We were set to write on November 1st. Then, she decides, she doesn’t want to write this story.

Wonderful. So, we search around and decide to finish a story that has already been started. No research, or world building, it has already been done. We can just write. I begin to do a bit of editing of what is written, I even let her have some down time and freedom to write a bit of fanfiction.

Monkey wrench time! She doesn’t want to write that one either. So, here we were, six days out from NaNo, no story and no idea for a story except two words she kept screaming at me: Fallen Angel! No plot, nothing else.

I have no clue what to do with this, she isn’t helping, either. Evil muse is screaming she wants to write a Supernatural fanfic pairing Dean/Cas. I am ready to fire both of them and hire a new muse. If I can figure out how this is possible.

I am looking through old story ideas, hoping to tempt her with somethingĀ or get an idea somewhere that I can work in the fallen angel. Muse jumps on an old idea of a vampire story from years ago and a plot is born.

So, here I am, four days out from NaNo, and I have to research five centuries of history for this book. And muse drops the bombshell, she isn’t just going for the 50,000, no, she is going for a completed book of 80,000 or so by November 30th.

Aren’t muses wonderful?