Just Write…


Both websites I was working on are finished. The Writers Forum for writers of fanfiction and Writers Unite for writers of original fiction are open. Please see the links to the left. —->

Muse- she has decided while we are waiting for November 1st and NaNo to start, she wants to write…however, she has latched on to a fanfiction idea. What is strange is it isn’t the fanfiction she used to write, Harry Potter. No, this is something completely new. This is Supernatural fanfiction.

So, I write. I give in to what she wants because as long as she is happy and writing that is a good thing. If she decides to switch back to an original fic we have started, I will be more than happy to do that.

The main thing is to keep writing. Just write everyday. Keep those brain cells functioning and the creative juices flowing. Use this fanfiction to work on things I struggle with in my original fictions. The more I write, the better writer I will be.

So, just keep writing…

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