Daily Struggles



How does one stay focused when the internet is just a click away? I wish I knew. Monday I merely meant to research one small thing and before I knew it, hours had past and my brain was fuzzy from all of the different websites I had been on. Perhaps unhooking the ethernet cable from my desktop would help, but my phone is connected and if the sound of Facebook messenger were to go off…


I am weak, I will admit to that. For example, Monday when I went to bed, I planned on staying off the internet once my email was checked. I woke up feeling sick so the entire day yesterday was spent not on working on revisions but online. I did do some research so the entire day was not a total waste.


This morning, I woke with a migraine. I take medicine and hope for the best. It is now late afternoon and I am starting to be able to concentrate. However, once again, I have lost the better part of the day. I will finish the revisions on chapter two today. I may feel like the sloth above, but I can at least do that much today.


Tomorrow is another day…tomorrow I will get chapter three and four done so I can get back on track. Yes, that is what I will do. Two months to NaNo, no time to waste. And besides, muse is starting to get the itch to actually write something new on this manuscript. I may have to split my days between revision and writing…

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