First blog post


Hi, my name is Terri and I have been writing for what seems like forever. I took a break to raise my kids, (I have 3 and 8 grandchildren), then started again when I found Harry Potter fanfiction. Now it is original fiction I am writing, but you may just find some HP fanfics on here.


I will be posting through the process of getting my half-finished manuscript from my first draft to published book. All of the ups and downs I go through. Now, don’t go thinking this will be mostly doom and gloom with the trials and tribulations of a writer. Daily life has a way of being silly sometimes, and I will share those moments as well.


I hope you enjoy your time here and enjoy reading excepts from my novel. I encourage comments on writings I post. Good, bad, indifferent. Writers need feedback if we are going to write something worth reading.


So, stay tuned for updates and my muses ramblings of things she just wants to write when she gets stubborn and has one of her “brilliant” ideas.

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