Daily Struggles



How does one stay focused when the internet is just a click away? I wish I knew. Monday I merely meant to research one small thing and before I knew it, hours had past and my brain was fuzzy from all of the different websites I had been on. Perhaps unhooking the ethernet cable from my desktop would help, but my phone is connected and if the sound of Facebook messenger were to go off…


I am weak, I will admit to that. For example, Monday when I went to bed, I planned on staying off the internet once my email was checked. I woke up feeling sick so the entire day yesterday was spent not on working on revisions but online. I did do some research so the entire day was not a total waste.


This morning, I woke with a migraine. I take medicine and hope for the best. It is now late afternoon and I am starting to be able to concentrate. However, once again, I have lost the better part of the day. I will finish the revisions on chapter two today. I may feel like the sloth above, but I can at least do that much today.


Tomorrow is another day…tomorrow I will get chapter three and four done so I can get back on track. Yes, that is what I will do. Two months to NaNo, no time to waste. And besides, muse is starting to get the itch to actually write something new on this manuscript. I may have to split my days between revision and writing…


Revisions and such

I have been lucky enough to find myself a wonderful beta/editor who has agreed to help me with revisions on the completed chapters of my manuscript. I know the old adage that you write the entire novel before going back to revise/edit. I am going against that rule for some very good reasons.


  1. I have been away from this manuscript for months. I could easily have just reread it and started writing from where I left off, but while rereading, I noticed too many things that needed adjusting.
  2. I am the type of person who is OCD. I know what I have isn’t solid now. I would rather have a solid base foundation going forward that finish and have the entire book needing work.
  3. I am insecure and I needed to know that this manuscript, my baby, is really worth finishing.


I have a solid plan in mind. Right now, Night Within a Day stands at just about 45,000 words. The average romance novel should be between 80,000 and 100,000. I am half-way finished. I can finish revisions by Halloween, if not sooner, which will give me a solid base going into NaNo in November. The novel I started during NaNo in 2011 will be finished this year.


My goal is to have it ready to publish by mid-April as a birthday present to myself. I can do this, I will do this.


Coffee is hot and strong…I am off to revise.



First blog post


Hi, my name is Terri and I have been writing for what seems like forever. I took a break to raise my kids, (I have 3 and 8 grandchildren), then started again when I found Harry Potter fanfiction. Now it is original fiction I am writing, but you may just find some HP fanfics on here.


I will be posting through the process of getting my half-finished manuscript from my first draft to published book. All of the ups and downs I go through. Now, don’t go thinking this will be mostly doom and gloom with the trials and tribulations of a writer. Daily life has a way of being silly sometimes, and I will share those moments as well.


I hope you enjoy your time here and enjoy reading excepts from my novel. I encourage comments on writings I post. Good, bad, indifferent. Writers need feedback if we are going to write something worth reading.


So, stay tuned for updates and my muses ramblings of things she just wants to write when she gets stubborn and has one of her “brilliant” ideas.